Welcome to our Family Cookbook!

Find a recipe by entering an ingredient or keyword into the search box in the upper-right-hand corner, or by searching for a particular family member’s name. You can also explore our cookbook by clicking on one of the categories or tags listed to the right of each page. Feel free to add comments or questions about any of the recipes, and to rate the recipes you try!

About our Family

We are fifteen Groo Girls who love good food and the stories and memories that go along with it. As our family has grown, so have our traditions. This website is a chance for us to share our new culinary experiences while recording and remembering those we grew up with.

If you are our friend or relative, we’d love to share your recipes too! You’re welcome to leave comments or send us an email with recipes or suggestions for this website. We’ll transfer them to actual recipe posts as time permits. Please include the source of the recipe, along with any special memories it brings!

To the Groo Girls and their Guys – We are still searching for some of our old family favorites. If you have any of the following recipes, please get them to Risi or Angie so we can post them (pictures or videos related to them, or to recipes we’ve already posted, would also be great):

pecan tassies (from the Windsor 3rd ward?)
Jana’s strawberry pie
turkey stuffing
taco salad
buttermilk pancakes
Pam’s biscuits
Pam’s sweet rolls
freezer strawberry jam
zucchini bread & cookies
pork chops

If there are other memorable recipes that you don’t see on the site and want us to search out, contact us or leave a comment on this page. We’ll keep a running list here of recipes we need. Feel free to send us any new recipes you’ve discovered as well!

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