Palacsinta Ham Stack

This dish is Jim’s very favorite part of the Hoffman family’s traditional Mikulás feast.

Palacsinta Batter

1 cup cold milk
1 cup cold water
4 eggs
1 tsp salt
2 cups flour
¼ cup melted butter

Ham Sauce

1 lb. ground ham
6 Tbsp. butter
½ cup flour
¼ tsp. ground pepper
¼ tsp. onion powder
2 cups milk
salt to taste (opional)

Palacsinta Batter: Beat eggs slightly. Add milk, water, eggs, and salt and beat together. Beat in flour until smooth. Beat in melted butter. Cover and chill at least one hour.

While batter is chilling, make up ham sauce: Melt butter in saucepan. Add flour and spices and mix until smooth. Slowly stir in milk. Cook over medium heat, stirring frequently, until sauce thickens and simmers. Stir in ham and heat through.

Cook palacsintas in a crepe pan. As each is done, place it on a serving platter and spread with a small amount of ham sauce (don’t use too much or your stack will tend to slide to one side). When stack is done, serve by slicing into wedges as you would a cake.

Yields: 6-8 servings

Source: Kathy Hoffman

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  1. Instead of making a stack, you can roll each palacsinta individually with ham sauce inside – just as tasty, but not as traditional.

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