Brigadeiro & Brazi Cookies


1 can sweetened condensed milk
2-3 tbs of butter
~1/2 c Nestle Chocolate Powder

Brazi Cookie Addition

1 1/4 packages of Maria maizena cookies (from hispanic isle at supermarket)

Heat sweetened condensed milk in a medium saucepan over med-high heat. Melt butter into mixture and add chocolate powder. Stir consistently to mix in powder and avoid clumps/burning. Turn heat down if clumps begin to form. Allow the mixture to cook and thicken until it reaches a soft-ball stage. This is the simple version of Brigadeiro!

Then grab Maria maizena cookies and break them lightly by hand, pour in Brigadeiro, and stir/cover like caramel popcorn. When cookies are evenly covered, dump mixture into a cake pan and spread/flatten out around pan. Since it will be very sticky and thick, you won’t get an even covering of along the bottom of the pan, and that’s ok.

Let mixture cool (or toss it in the freezer for a little while if you’re impatient like me), then begin breaking off irregular, cookie-sized pieces. Roll each piece in sugar for a final touch and protection against sticking, then serve!

These cookies are best served within a day or so of making, because if they sit too long, sometimes the sugar can crystallize the Brigadeiro, which is still tasty, but not as chewy and wonderful as I think it should be.

Source: Emily Peterson, Groo Family Ambassador to Brazil

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