Simple Thanksgiving Turkey

Buy a frozen turkey.

Thaw in the sink filled with water the day before – normally about 12 hours.

Pre-heat oven to 325 degrees F. Take everything out of the turkey (normally there is a package with the neck, kidneys, liver and heart – keep these for stock or gravy). Wash the turkey in the sink, and rinse out the inside (you don’t have to “scrub” the turkey, since we normally just pull off the skin).

Fill the inside cavity with dressing (packing loosely). Tie the legs (or use the plastic leg holders) and place a piece of foil over the opening to keep the dressing in. Turn the bird over and fill the neck pocket with the remainder of the dressing. Use some wooden sticks (or little metal ones) to attach the flap back to the turkey to hold in the dressing. Pin the wings up into the sides of the turkey (so that they don’t flap down), and so they don’t get too burned.

Place the turkey in a covered roaster (on a rack if possible). If no covered roaster is available, then you can put the turkey into a large oven bag instead in a regular pan. Cook at 325 degrees for 15-20 minutes per pound (20 lb turkey takes about 5 hours).

Plan on another 30 minutes to pull the turkey apart (using gloves) – pulling the turkey, rather than slicing it, makes a huge difference in the juiciness of the meat. Be sure to make gravy from the drippings!

Source: Andre Peterson

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