Jim’s Favorite Steel-cut Oats

I got this recipe from Angela Hoffman, and we make it all the time!  It is very versatile and really easy to adapt to your own tastes.  Make it at night for a great breakfast!  1 part oats, 3 parts water!

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Pear Oven Pancake


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Spicy Cheese Quiche


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Westfall Banana Pancakes


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Apple Cider Syrup


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Breakfast Omelette Pizza


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Sourdough Pancakes


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Stuffed French Toast


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Danish Æbleskiver

Risi and Ang have very fond memories of this delicious Danish treat – it tastes like a cross between a pancake and a pop-over, with a fruity center. Americans sometimes spell it aebleskiver or ebleskiver. (more…)

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Hoffman Hash Casserole

food 002After merely smelling this dish in the oven at a friend’s house, Angie asked for the recipe and was referred to Cooks.com. The version we’ve developed is slightly different and a little more complicated, but just as delicious and even healthier! (more…)

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Two Sisters’ Apple Pancake

Kathy Hoffman and her sister Debbie grew up near a little restaurant called Dinah’s, located in Westchester, California. Dinah’s apple pancake was their favorite dish, and they returned repeatedly to examine, analyze, and taste the dish so they could eventually replicate it. They often had a new question for each different waiter to try to glean information about how it was made. This recipe is the result of their investigations – though it’s not exactly the same, it is still delicious! (more…)

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Firework Pancakes

IMG_3399This is more of a method than a recipe, but it is a family tradition that Dad made up when all his girls were little, and it is one of our favorites for just about every holiday morning! (more…)

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Six Week Bran Muffins


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German Pancake

This recipe is similar to Dutch Babies, except that it cooks up a little thicker and more dense. (more…)

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Dutch Babies

IMG_0032 (more…)

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Peach Oatmeal Muffins


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